About our School

Our Mission Statement

Davie Christian Academy considers child development and education a privilege and serious responsibility. We are committed to creating a high quality education where the students can achieve and excel academically, socially, physically, and emotionally through structured quality teaching, mentoring, and support by the faculty and staff. Our students are encouraged to develop good character, morals, habits, and individual talents by providing an excellent biblical foundation. In partnership with parents, we strive to develop productive and involved citizens.


Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy at Davie Christian Academy is based on the Word of God. The principles of Scripture are the foundation for all aspects in the school. We understand that each child is uniquely and wonderfully made. With this in mind, the approach to individual, academic, social, and emotional needs are evaluated and accommodated accordingly. Read more about the importance of building a foundation of Christian principles.



The educational program used by Davie Christian Academy is the Creative Curriculum Program. We believe it to be the finest curriculum available for our students. We are able to encompass the academic development, as well as the motor coordination skills, the foundation of good self image and the application of biblical principles.


The Davie Christian Academy Story

The school has been in existence in the same location since 1987.

Mr. and Mrs. Sandoval acquired Davie Christian Academy in February of 2003 with the purpose of putting their talents and experience to work to the service and enrichment of families in South Florida. Over the years we have been honored to see our preschool students grow in to bright young men and women.

The preschool started as Young Generation Academy and then changed owners and name to Christian Academy, when Mr. & Mrs. Sandoval purchased the school, they renamed it Davie Christian Academy.

Norma has been in child development for over 20 years, her child care training includes: Birth through five child care prevention, VPK credentials, Director credentials, Early Childhood Educator, Creative curriculum, High school curriculum, Child development, Social and Emotional training  and several other workshops.

Enrique has made a career in retail holding several managerial and executive positions with Fortune 500 companies developing new business and in product development.

They have two children, Samuel and Linda, both married, and 6 grand children.