Foundation of a Christian Education

Foundation of a Christian Education

We at Davie Christian Academy strongly believe the foundation of a Christian preschool education is best to meet the spiritual, and intellectual needs of a child. We enable them to interact with the world around them. We are dedicated to have our children reach the highest of academic standards while sharing Christian values as well as a building a foundation of Christian principles. It has been our experience that children who initiated their preschool years with us don’t forget their Christian learning obtained at DCA. The purpose of the school is to give a solid academic foundation in the basic fundamentals of learning. Our Staff  and administration  work closely together to further their academic success and spiritual well-being.


Prayer and devotion time.


Foundation of a Christian Education, Noah and the Ark

Playing with Noah, the animals and the ark after chapel.


Learning of God's promise to us.

Learning of God’s promise to us. Noah and the Rainbow.