3 Spacious School Playgrounds

Davie Christian Academy has 3 exciting playgrounds for our Preschool, After Care and VPK Students. Each playground is designed for, and equipped with age appropriate equipment and provide a safe area for our children to play and learn.

We’ve found that having multiple playgrounds designed for different age groups allows our students to engage in activities that will hold their interest and allow them to play safely.


Our Playground for child care children ages 2 & Under.

This smaller playground is filled with toys and learning tools to hold their attention and imagination. Its smaller size allows their teacher to be in proximity and keep a close eye on the young ones.

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Our Playground for preschool children ages 3-4 and children in our VPK programs.

Children aged 3-4 start to become more active and adventurous. We have designed this large tree shaded playground with that in mind. The playground has areas for different activities, a small basketball court, slides, climbers, etc. The surface of this playground has been engineered with your child’s safety in mind, we have soft surfaces to minimize the possibility of injury. The main play area is covered with synthetic grass, a feature that allows kids to play in a cleaner and safer environment with plenty of space to run and develop physical strength. We also use this tree shaded playground for outdoor learning and class time.

Our Playground for our older students in After School Care.

The largest newly renovated playground at Davie Christian Academy is our After School Care and big kids playground. This fantastic play area has a large basketball court, mini soccer field, large climber with swings and slides. The climber area is layered in sand and shade from the bright Florida sun is provided by large fabric awnings. We use this playground for our sports programs where we teach the basics of different sports.